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Framed molas

In April, Virginia commented on my blog post “How to display a mola.” She told me she was having some old molas re-framed. I asked her to send me photos when they were done –  and she did. Here they are – I think they turned out very well.

molas framed 1

framed molas 2

This one is a more traditional way to frame a mola – everybody here in Panama used to do it this way years ago.

molas framed 3

How to display a mola

So you visited Panama and bought some molas. Now what? They’re very pretty – but what do you do with them?

Well it depends – do you sew? If you do the possibilities are endless. In fact my quilt group is planning on writing a book on the subject. More on that later in the sewing and quilting section.

If you bought a mola and want to display it “as is” and not incorporate it into a sewing or quilting project I can tell you how it is traditionally done here in Panama:

Frame it. Matted or not. If you use a mat a fabric one is really nice – linen or burlap. The frame should be very neutral – whatever the color – nothing carved or fancy.

I have seen them framed in a float frame – no mat – just suspended. It is a very modern look – you can see the uneven edges of the fabric. Not as “decorative” as framing with a mat – more like a museum display – so you can actually see the whole mola.

You could also sew a little sleeve (a tube of fabric) onto the back – insert a dowel and hang it as a small wall hanging – definitely the cheapest. Molas are washable – so if it gets dirty just throw it into the washing machine!

Another very popular way to use a mola is in a tray. If you are good at woodworking (or know someone who is) you can make a tray with a base to fit the mola then cover it with glass.