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“Tropical Sunshine. The pattern is the two inch Drunkard’s Path from Inklingo. It is hand pieced and quilted by Margaret Gunn. It won third prize. Here it is at home:

And at the show:

The blue ribbon winner was “My Tiny Trip” by Janet Frank.

Second place was “Eye Catcher” by Pat Guildford.

Blocking Tropical Sunshine

I haven’t blocked a quilt in years – so it was way harder than I remembered. I thought a mini would be easy. Uhhh.. NO!

If a quilt is six feet square the corners are pretty far apart and a tiny error will probably not be noticed. This is only 28″ square. It MUST be perfectly square. It’s staring you right in the face  – and a judge armed with a 12″ square ruler will readily see the tiniest error.

I pinned and unpinned and wet and re-wet and was almost in tears at one point.

I finally came up with the masking tape idea. You must first establish a perfectly square/straight edge to work from. I lay one of the laser lines along one edge of the tape and the other across the quilt.

First I measured across the middles to establish the size – which was 24″ from the outside edge of the narrow purple border. I even checked each row of blocks making sure they were straight. Finally I checked the corners with the 12″ ruler and measured across the diagonals – exactly 34″. It’s drying now.

When it’s perfectly dry I will trim and bind it. Sew on the hanging sleeve and label and start on the next one which is 36″ x 46″.

Ten rows of ten blocks joined

Now I am sewing the rows to each other. All by hand of course! It goes fairly quickly – one long straight line.

10 down and 90 to go!

I have started joining the 400 3″ quarter Drunkard’s Path blocks into what will eventually be 100 six inch blocks – 10 blocks x 10 blocks – 60″x60″.

No border – which will be a first for me – but there is so much going on I think it will be able to stand alone. 

100% hand pieced using the Inklingo 6″ Drunkard’s Path collection.

My ancient Mac computer (over 9 years old) is acting up and wordpress is barely working – so I am going to have to stick to a picture and a bit of text – no links or anything fancy. Sorry. Just wanted to let you know I am alive and well and still stitching.

10 3%22 Drunkard's Path blocks

Mini Drunkard’s Path quilted


I can’t wait to show you what Margaret did with this mini. A link to her website will have to do since I don’t have it yet. She took some amazing photos – I couldn’t have done better. Click on the link below:


Mini Drunkard’s Path



Mini Drunkard’s Path

Borders attached:

Mini Drunkard's Path

With the binding on it will measure just under 30″ square – the maximum size for the Mini Quilt category at Quiltfest Jacksonville 2013 in September.

Many of the minis I have seen at the show are smaller than the signs hanging next to them with the description. It’s as if it is a competition to see how small you can make a quilt. They end up being mug rugs or coasters. I want this to be a doll’s quilt some day – so I went for the largest accepted size.

Mini Drunkard’s Path done!

Mini DP done

borders and binding

Backing will be the small blue floral print, the purple – a tiny half inch inner border, the orange stripe is the two inch border and the triangle print is the binding. I don’t have the yardage for any of the fabrics except for the purple – so I have to wait till they arrive to finish this  little quilt.