My Digital Art Gallery

This is a small representative selection from my pbase gallery

Digital Art of Carol Muse Skinner

Each image is from one of the 19 galleries.

The title of the gallery is below the image.

If you click on the title you will be directed to the gallery.

Tropical Flowers and Flowering Plants

Panama: Rainforest

Panama: Trees, Bushes and Plants

Panama: Fruit and Vegetables

Panama: Animals and Insects

Panama: Casco Viejo

Panama: Polleras and Montunas

Panama: Taboga Island

Panama: Landscapes, Street Scenes and Architecture

Panama Canal

Panama: Kunas and Kuna Yala



Miscellaneous Flora

My Pets

Miscellaneous Animals and Insects



Odds and Ends

14 responses to “My Digital Art Gallery

  1. Carol, thanks for getting with me. By any chance is that Mr. Sprague from Panama? He used to be my art teacher in High School. If so I have already gotten permission from him to use his artwork.
    If not can I have the persons name and email to contact them? At least I am making the effort to do the right thing and now just keep using it. Most people don’t mind as long as I give them credit or agree once I make some money I give them a percentage of sales. I am on disability and only do this part time at this moment, but praying that God will bless me in sales as I make them. Thank you, blessings!

  2. Hello! Carol-Thks to a friend they sent me your link thinking it was another lady I am looking for. But still a blessing find you!
    I try to ask for permission to use someones picture for my jewelry and couldn’t find where I downloaded to do so. Use the picture with white Pollera you have on this page. Had the toughest time shrinking it down due to ratio I was told. Can you please get with me? I will try to send you picture of my design. I am from Panama and grew up in CZ.

    • Rosana I am sorry I cannot give you permission to use my digital painting of the white pollera. I was given permission to use the photo for this digital painting. I paid the owner for the use of the photo. It is not my photo – therefore I cannot grant permission for you to use someone else’s photo.

  3. Very nice, I wish you still had your printer as I would purchase from you as well. You are very good with a camera, don’t ever stop!

  4. Oh my I love your photos they are gorgeous.

  5. Beautiful work! I grew up in Panama, left when I was 21 and miss it so much. Your art makes me so homesick! Do you sell on the website?

    • Thank you for the nice comments on my digital artwork. No I am sorry I don’t sell from the website. I used to have my work in a gallery here in Panama – then I sold from my home for awhile – but I have recently sold my 24″ Epson Pro printer – so I am out of the digital art business.


  6. Thank you whery much for all this site. Lej from Sweden

  7. I love molas!

  8. Your work is beautiful; I love all of it. You are a real talent.

  9. Ohh, my God. I don´t belevi my eyse! Whwry god ART.

    Hugh from Leja in Sweden

  10. Beautyfull pictures.

  11. I agree with judy Such beautiful and different work, at least for me!

    Too Bad MaryLou could not meet up with you when she was there. To be so close yet far away.
    Do You sell Molas?
    robin in Leavenworth Washington

  12. judy momenzadeh

    Carol–I’m blown away by your digital art; it is amazing. Simply gorgeous!

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