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Rainbow Flower

Rainbow Flowers is a brand new Inklingo pattern. I bought it the first day it came out – I am a sucker for any block with curves.

These are the Kaffe Fassett charm squares I am going to use for my Rainbow Flowers. They aren’t washed yet – so I will do that and pull out the ones I want to use. Probably a hundred – ten across and ten down. These are small – they will be good portable blocks after I finish my octagons.

I will be using a Kaffe print in the center and a hand dye or batik on the border – they will be joined by a plain pieces – maybe black – but I will have to finish them and get them up on the wall before I decide. That will not be any time soon!

I’ve been looking at the block up on my design wall all afternoon and I am wondering how it will look with the Kaffe print on the outside border and the center of the flower in the solid color? I”ll make another test block tomorrow.