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Small Pieced

“Summer Days.” From the lyrics to one of the songs in “Grease.” The pattern is Inklingo Pie and Tarts. I thought that with the bright colors it looked more like beach balls or beach umbrellas than pies and tarts. The quilt is hand pieced except for the border and attaching the binding.

Here it is at the show. It won an Honorable Mention.

The blue ribbon winner was Kylie’s Kites by Suzy Prickett. Based on a pattern by Eleanor Burns.

Second Place “Happiness” by Sandra Sontag. Based on a pattern by Jacqueline de Jonge.

Third Place “Distortion” by JoAnn Cooper.

Mini category tomorrow.

Another quilt quilted

My Pie and Tarts which I am calling “Summer Days.”Again I have to leave you with just a link to Margaret’s website since I don’t have the quilt yet. She takes great pictures so you can see all of the detail.


As always I am thrilled with the result.  I had planned on making it much bigger but I grew tired of it and stopped at this small size. Now that it’s quilted I think it’s adorable – I love it!

See the pictures here:

Summer Days

Finally – here it is – all I have left to do is piece the backing and it is off (along with the mini Drunkard’s Path) to my new quilter Margaret Gunn.

Summer Days

I am not totally convinced the blue border was the best choice – but I am done with this quilt! It’s just a little kids quilt – and I am not going to mess with it any longer.

It measures 38″ x 48″ – 172″ total for all sides. the “Small Quilt” category at Quiltfest Jacksonville is maximum 180″ total sides. Just made it!

Pies and Tarts

Awaiting fabric for borders and backing. It is in Panama but still in customs.

I am calling it “Summer Days” since I think it looks like beach balls much more than it looks like Pies and Tarts!

From the movie “Grease” song “Summer Nights.”

“Summer days drifting away To, uh, oh, those summer nights.”

Pies and Tarts

Six tarts – done!

6 tarts done

I’m glad that is behind me! Now on to the 10 half tarts and the 4 quarter tarts. They will be easier than the whole ones because they are on the edges.

First tart

first tart

Whoa! That was a bit tricky. I enlarged the original pattern 143% and now this tart measures 5 inches in diameter. If I had used the original size pattern this little tart would have been 3 1/2 inches – yikes!

Moving along…

Three columns:

3 columns of pies and tarts

Three columns joined:

3 columns joined

Next step is to insert the 6 tarts.