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Large Pieced Duet

Quiltfest Jacksonville 2016 is over. My quilts and I arrived home safely. I entered four quilts in four categories. Large Pieced Duet, Intermediate Pieced Duet, Small and Mini. All hand pieced and all quilted by Margaret Gunn.

Large Pieced Duet: “Thoroughly Modern Lucy.”Patchwork of the Crosses by Lucy Boston. I used the 1.5” elongated hexagon pattern from Inklingo. It is an original design. A modern interpretation of the traditional POTC block. And a totally different setting. Google Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses and you will see how “thoroughly modern” mine is.

Here it is at the show. It didn’t win a ribbon. Not even an honorable mention. I was really surprised because it is my most popular quilt. It has been re-pinned thousands of times on Pinterest.

Here’s a look at my competition:

This is the blue ribbon winner in this category.

Paradise Lost by Ira Inman. Pattern by Judy Niemeyer

Second Prize. Spice Islands Compass by Hillary Wellborn. Pattern by Brenda Henning.

Third prize. Color Your World by Dale Angione.

More categories later…

POTC quilted


Long overdue. Sorry for the lousy pictures. My ancient but still beloved Mac is on it’s last legs and – among other things – it is refusing to open pictures from my camera without crashing. These are from my iPad and just cropped in Photoshop.

Margaret Gunn did the quilting and I think she did a spectacular job. I asked for whimsical – unexpected, not traditional quilting. Lucy Boston’s pattern is usually made in traditional fabrics and since I am calling it “Thoroughly Modern Lucy” I wanted modern quilting.


full quilt

photo 1

photo 3

photo 2

25 Patchwork Of The Crosses blocks

Joined – finally!! Now on to the plain white 6″ border.

25 POTC blocks joined

The first two rows went together without a hitch. But on the second row I joined row # 4 to #2 instead of # 3 to #2.  I actually thought about leaving them that way because it took me all day to sew. But it ruined my very carefully placed block order so I unpicked them – I knew it would bother me forever  if I didn’t.

To add insult to injury – when I was restitching the two rows I started out on the wrong patch and I got about one-quarter of the way down the row before I realized my mistake. While unpicking that mistake I took a wrong turn and unpicked some blocks instead of the row.

If hand piecing has taught me one thing it is patience. There was a time in my life when I would probably have taken the scissors to it and called it a day!

Your computer monitor is not acting up – yes – you are seeing dots on the white fabric – actually little ovals – it is a damask.

Patchwork Of The Crosses in progress

I started this project on August 24th, 2009! I made all the blocks – then put it away and went on to something else. Years later I added the white background patches and again it went into storage.

I have a list of UFOs to finish this year and this is at the top of my list – next in line is the Alabama Beauty.


I have joined the five rows and the top two are stitched to each other.  I made 16 white nine patches for the filler squares – but decided to substitute plain squares.


When the rows are sewn together I am trimming all the white background bits sticking out on the sides and adding a 6″ plain white border.

As usual I have agonized over the borders – and have decided (for now) that any more color would be too much. The blocks are 12″ and they are bright!

I have a new quilter – Margaret Gunn . I am sure she will be pleased to have some white space to work with – normally my quilts are prints from edge to edge – not the best for showing off  beautiful quilting.

POTC filler squares

I need 16 nine patches, 16 six patches for the edges and 4 four patches for the corners. That’s a total of 256  1.5 inch squares. I can print 30 squares on a 12×15 inch sheet of fabric ironed onto freezer paper.  That’s just over 8.5 sheets – I’ve printed 5 – which I’m the process of cutting apart.

25 POTC blocks with background

I’ve been busy…

Now I am going to join the blocks together in rows. Still deciding what to do with the 16 square spaces and the edges. I’m thinking about the border as well – I may just leave it white and bind it in white – I have plenty of damask yardage left over.

Ten POTC blocks with background

The background strips aren’t ironed  yet – I think it will be easier to iron them when I start joining them.