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New York Beauties 1-4


New York Beauty #4

This is it for now. I just wanted to do a test to see if I liked the block – needless to say I love it! Now I’m going to make a few Candied Hexagon blocks to see how they turn out.

New York Beauty #3


New York Beauty blocks # 1 and #2

Together – can’t wait to finish 3 and 4!

New York Beauty block #2

These are so much fun to sew.

Anatomy of an Inklingo New York Beauty block

This is the method I follow for all of my Inklingo projects. See How I print Inklingo for scrappy quilts for detailed instructions. I always use this method because all my quilts are scrappy.

I use the templates below to cut my fabric to size. The top page is my “map” of how I am going to place the fabrics and the bottom one is the sewing sequence.

Fabrics for the second block. Maybe. After I cut all the pieces out if something doesn’t look right I will substitute another fabric – saving the piece (or pieces) for another block.

I am starting with fabric #1 – the corner piece. First I lightly starch and iron the fabric.

I trace around the corner template with a fine line Sharpie.

Cut it out.

Iron it on to an 8.5 x 11 inch piece of freezer paper. I use Jenkins pre-cut sheets.

Print. I am printing two sets of shapes on each sheet. I will not make two blocks the same though. I’ll mix them up later to make different blocks. This way I only have to print half as many.

Peel off the freezer paper and cut out. I’m saving the big petal shapes. Some day I may find a use for them.

This is the second set left over from printing the first block. 24 pieces in a quarter block – 92 for the whole circle! Wow – maybe I’ll just make a wall hanging.

A New York Beauty block the Inklingo way

I have always admired the New York Beauty block – but I am not crazy about paper piecing so I’ve never wanted to actually make one. But soon as Inklingo released a non paper pieced version I just had to have it!

Here is the first 1/4 block – it went together very easily. I am hand sewing them.

It took me awhile to figure out the stitching sequence for the large floral print triangles, the pink diamonds and the small blue triangles.

The corner and the large arc unit and the small arc and the quarter circle unit stitching sequences are obvious. When all else fails read the directions – right? Linda described exactly how to do it (several ways) in the Sunflower book.

I ended up stitching the small blue triangle to the to the pink diamond then – without breaking the thread – I added the large print triangle. Then the six sets are sewn together into a unit.

Here is a picture of the back – it presses beautifully.