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Scalloped frame – done

It’s a bit wonky – partly because it is wonky and partly because of the camera. But never mind – I will straighten it out before I add the purple border.

I will be appliqueing the flowers inside the medallion soon – then I must put it away and concentrate on finishing my Alabama Beauty. I would like to get it to my quilter by the end of the year. I only have 18 blocks to finish – but I have planned a complicated border with a lot of piecing and appliqué and that will take time.

heart and scallops

Three hearts finished

3 hearts done

Now on to the next step – the 36 scallops. This is the fabric I am using. The purple Marcia Derse polka dot (yes it really is purple – it just looks blue in the photo) is for a border around the scallops. The border is not part of the original pattern but I am adding it – just because. I had to reduce the scallops by 10% and there is less space for the flowers – but I have made a drawing and come up with a solution – to be revealed in a later post when I get to that step. The 36 scallops are going to take while…

fabric for scallops:border

Two Hearts

2 hearts


The red heart is appliquéd to the green one – now I am going to appliqué this unit to the wiggly turquoise heart.

The edge of the green heart behind the red one is not even. I cut my templates very accurately – so I am assuming Kim McLean meant it to be a bit wonky. I was going to redraw the heart templates – but decided to leave it this way – for a folk art handmade look.


Click twice on the photo for a closer view .

Wiggly turquoise heart finished


I am going to appliqué the red heart to the green one and then stitch that unit to the turquoise heart.

Three hearts prepped

turquoise heart finished

I am very proud of my smooth edges. Click on the pictures to see a close up.

3 hearts prepped

I decided to change the fabric in the center heart. I thought the other one was a little too sophisticated – Philip Jacobs’ large florals usually are. This one with the pink  polka dots is more whimsical – which is the look I am going for. I had a large piece left over from the backing on my Kaffe Challenge quilt.

3 hearts on background


Here it is on the background I am going to use. It is Kaffe Spots in the Sprout colorway. I have tons of it that I bought to make Kim McLean’s Lollypop Tress pattern.

I have to mark the vertical and horizontal lines with big stitches – then I will start sewing. I haven’t done any appliqué since I finished my Angel quilt in 2010. I had to watch a how to do the appliqué stitch video on YouTube to refresh my memory – that is how rusty I am.


New Appliqué project

Hearts and FlowersThe pattern is Hearts and Flowers designed by Kim McLean from Kaffe Fassett’s book “Quilt Romance.” It is 78″ x 78″ – so most of the appliqué pieces are large. There is a lot of machine piecing  – and not really that much appliqué – it should go together fairly quickly.

trimming around template

I will be hand appliquéing it. I am using the glue stick with freezer paper on top method. For the big wiggly edged heart I used two pieces of 12″x15″ Jenkins freezer paper ironed together to make a stiff template. Trimming around the template is slow going – I love the appliqué prep – so I don’t mind.  On the left you can see one “finger” I have glued back – just a test. I will wait until I finish all the trimming to start the gluing.

The appliqué shapes in Kim’s patterns have soft rounded edges – so they are easy to prep and sew – very few pointy points or sharp V insies. Kim designs her patterns using Kaffe Collective fabrics  – and ya’ll know I LOVE Kaffe fabrics! I don’t ever copy the pattern in the book or on the package – I love choosing my own fabric combinations.

heart window

This is the print I am using for the center heart. I cut a window in a file folder to audition the few pieces I have that are big enough. For this heart I need more than my usual quarter yard – a FQ would work – but 99.9% of my quarter yards  are linear (9″x 42″) and I can’t fit the whole heart on without a seam down the middle. I don’t have many large pieces to choose from – but I think this works – it’s certainly bright!

green border

The narrow inner border between the pink center heart and the turquoise wiggly edged heart will be lime green. I think. I may change my mind when I see the three of them together – we’ll see…

So here we go – a new project – I feel energized.