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Ten rows of ten blocks joined

Now I am sewing the rows to each other. All by hand of course! It goes fairly quickly – one long straight line.

Slowly but surely

Sixty blocks down and forty to go.

This is the first time I have blogged from my iPad – no processing in Photoshop so excuse the picture quality. I just thought I’d better post something to let you know that I am alive and well – it’s been a long time.

These are Inklingo 3″ Drunkard’s Path blocks. I am in the process of joining the 400 quarter circle blocks into 100 six inch full circle blocks.  They are in no particular order. I just put them up on the wall as I finish them. When I have 100 I will arrange them in their final order.


10 down and 90 to go!

I have started joining the 400 3″ quarter Drunkard’s Path blocks into what will eventually be 100 six inch blocks – 10 blocks x 10 blocks – 60″x60″.

No border – which will be a first for me – but there is so much going on I think it will be able to stand alone. 

100% hand pieced using the Inklingo 6″ Drunkard’s Path collection.

My ancient Mac computer (over 9 years old) is acting up and wordpress is barely working – so I am going to have to stick to a picture and a bit of text – no links or anything fancy. Sorry. Just wanted to let you know I am alive and well and still stitching.

10 3%22 Drunkard's Path blocks

Two inch Drunkard’s Path

I was making a list of the quilts I am going to enter in the 2013 Quiltfest in Jacksonville. The octagons are large, the German Kaffe challenge is Intermediate, the new York Beauty will be small and I thought I needed a mini so I could have a quilt in four categories!

So I have started a 2 inch Drunkard’s path. Setting aside the 3″ ones for later since they aren’t scheduled until Quiltfest 2014.

I need 72 sets of two fabrics for 144 quarter blocks (36 full 4″ blocks) No repeats of course.

Design wall

My main project right now is joining the 100 octagon blocks. I haven’t been doing much sewing recently – but I did manage to join them into 5 rows of 20 blocks – only 4 more seams to go! I already have the fabric for the inner border, the outer border and the backing. This is going to be my entry in Quitfest Jacksonville 2012. Maybe another one too (Alabama Beauty or Patchwork Of The Crosses)  if I can get my act together.

I’d almost forgotten how many projects I have in the works. Most of them have the fabric selected – awaiting printing and cutting.

The 25 completed Patchwork Of  The Crosses blocks aren’t up on the wall – I am trying not to handle them anymore than necessary because the background is white – aside from the fact that they wouldn’t fit!

Here is a close up of the Drunkard’s Path blocks. Ten blocks down 90 more to go! It’s going to be 10 blocks by 10 blocks – just like the octagons. This was an experiment – I wanted to use up lots of 5″ charm squares of hand dyes and Kaffes. I really like it – it’s also one of my husband David’s favorites – but he’s color blind (red/green.)  Humm… wonder what that means?

Drunkard’s Path

This was not meant to happen – I have seven Inklingo projects in the works and should not be starting another one.

It’s not my fault really – blame Cathi of Quilt Obsession. When she posted pictures of  her  Inklingo Drunkard’s Path made using charm squares I suddenly remembered that I had a box of  Kaffe charms that had been languishing in a box on the top shelf of my studio for years.

An idea for my own version popped into my head! I briefly entertained the thought of just adding the Drunkard’s Path to my to do list – but the brightly colored squares were calling my name.

Now that I had a plan I had to decide on the fabrics. I spent hours this weekend arranging and re-arranging the Kaffe charms in sets of two – a light and a dark. Fine – but not great. Then I thought that it would look better with a print and a solid – instead of two prints.

I knew I had a box of solid color fabric samples I’d ordered years ago. I’m not crazy about solids – but I thought I’d give it a try. When lo and behold I opened the box and there was a stack of 5″ square hand dyes that I had completely forgotten about. I had written the color number in the corner of each piece – but the Inklingo pattern fit perfectly with plenty of room to spare – the numbers just get cut off.

This is not the way they will be joined – like most of my quilts I make all the blocks first then arrange them on the design wall before joining them.

The quarter circle and the quarter background are printed on one square – so I get two sets. I have 75 fabric sets which will make 150 little blocks – 36 six inch circle blocks  with a few pieces left over. I have tons more Kaffe charms and can always cut 5″ squares from my hand dye stash if I want to make the quilt larger.