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That’s it!

I’ve spent too much time agonizing over the border. This is just going to be a utilitarian – dog friendly – throw for the sofa in our bedroom sitting room.

I plan on reupholstering the love seat and chair with denim – I think this will be a nice accent.

Quilting will be diagonally across the blocks – even easier than stitch in the ditch! I will bind it with the same blue.


Disappearing 9 patch

Finished – well… not quite – needs a border.  I have left over fabric from the blocks and  I want to do something pieced – quick and easy.

It measures about 40″ x 60″ and is made up of 24 9 patch blocks.

I Googled disappearing 9 patch and found this site with lots of photos of different types of D9P quilts.

9 patch

New project

Well… not really new – it’s on my list of things to finish.

Ages ago I made twenty four 9 patch blocks – each  block measuring 10 1/2 inches (finished size.) What a boring project – I can’t even remember why I started it. Anyway – my friend Carol gave me a copy of some directions she had printed out for a “Disappearing 9 Patch.”

I am cutting up 4 blocks at a time. I put them all up on my design wall and pull up my chair on wheels and I arrange and rearrange the pieces until it looks right. I thought of sashing between the blocks – but decided I like the jumbled look better.

Here is a picture of the 4 blocks sewn together. The directions suggest “for maximum contrast try and get 5 darker prints and 4 lighter prints arranged with the darker prints as the X of the 9 patch.” I didn’t do that because I already had the blocks done – but if I ever did it again I would definitely have more contrast between the blocks.

I think it’s more interesting than a plain 9 patch – looks complicated but it really isn’t.

When I first started quilting I ordered a bunch of fat quarter and 10″ square collections – to start building up my fabric stash. I don’t know what I was thinking way back when – but these are NOT my colors today – they look positively muddy compared to my favorite batiks, brights and Kaffee Fassetts. I have an unfinished 24 block paper pieced crazy quilt project using these same colors!

9 patch cut up