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New box of crayons

It’s here!!! David came home for lunch bearing a big box from Batiks Etc. and I am still doing a happy dance – like a second grader with a new box of crayons – the BIG box with the sharpener – remember those?

While pulling colors from my stash for my latest Inklingo projects I realized that I needed an infusion of the basic colors that I use to coordinate with my Kaffes. Aren’t they luscious? They are all fat quarters – my favorite size.

I have two fabric orders from Jackie at Canton Village Quilt Works on the way – mainly a selection of very pastel batiks and some small allover prints and – well… a few other things that I just threw in – because.

Previewing color combinations

I may just use florals – no dots, stripes or geometrics. I’m planning on 49 blocks – 7 across and 7 down.

Pickled Clams

That is the working title for my new quilt. I am using the Inklingo 9 inch Clamshell Pickle . This was a trial block to see if I liked it. I do – I love it!

It is easy to sew and it gives me the opportunity to use two colors for the points to coordinate with the Kaffe clam shells. I love choosing the color combinations – mixing and matching fabrics is my favorite part of the quilt-making process. Once I have pulled the color combinations for a project I am eager to get to the next quilt – just so I can play with color again.

Other Inklingoists have been working on this pattern.  It looks really nice with the black print and white print points – but I don’t have enough black and white prints. But I do have a lot of brightly colored batiks, hand dyes and tiny all over prints – so I am going to try it that way.

I won’t know until I have a group done if the effect will be what I expect. It may tun out to be an undefined mush and I will have to go with the black and white. We’ll see.

I really don’t need to start another project – but I couldn’t resist.