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Blogger’s Quilt Festival Fall 2010

Got a blog? Got a quilt? Well then head on over to Amy’s Creative Side and join in the fun – you’ve got till November 5th to sign up. There are tons of sponsors and lots of really cool stuff to win! Each quilt shown has a story – so not only do you get to see some amazing quilts from all over the world – you get the “back story” as well.

Here’s my entry – my version of Mary Lou Weidman’s pattern “Angels.” I call it “Guardian Angels God Will Send Thee” from the ancient Welsh song “All Through The Night.”

I bought the pattern a year or two before I began to sew in September of 2008. This was my first large applique – the only appliques I had ever done before tackling this project were two small wall hangings that I designed.  Any sane person would have thought twice before diving in to such a large project – but I like a challenge – so I began.

It was great fun – I loved dressing each angel – picking out the colors of the clothes and hair. I made a LOT of changes to Mary Lou’s pattern as I went along – so in the end I felt the pattern had become more “mine.”

I started my blog specifically to record the making of this quilt – I had no idea anybody would be interested – I just wanted to keep a journal of the project – and online seemed easier than taking photos and writing by hand.

When the top was finally finished in July of 2009 I sent it off to Jackie Kunkle of Canton Village Quilt Works to be quilted. Jackie did a great job.  I entered it in the Jacksonville, Florida 2010 Quit Fest last month and won an honorable mention!!

Honorable Mention

At Quiltfest 2010 in Jacksonville Florida. There were 430 quilts in the show. There were 13 categories and only 31 honorable mentions given.

I was there with my friend Carol (from Jacksonville) when the doors opened on the first day. We picked up the list of the winners on Carol’s guild table – I was casually skimming the list while Carol was chatting with a friend and lo and behold there was the title of my quilt – second from the bottom of the honorable mentions. I thought I’d faint – what a surprise!! The first quilt show I have ever attended and the first quilt I have ever entered in a show and the first applique quilt I have ever made – 3 firsts and I won a ribbon!!

Angel quilt bag

I am entering my Angel quilt in the Quilt Fest of Jacksonville, FL at the end of September. They require that the quilt be presented in a bag no smaller than a standard pillowcase. I looked online and that is 21″x32.” I am going to line it with black fabric so my black quilt will not get any lint or threads on it. It will have a drawstring closing – leaving a little ruffle at the top.

I plan on making a small quilted “luggage tag” to tie onto the bag with all my contact info – not required – but a good idea I think.

I printed the photo of the quilt with my name on a tightly woven piece of white fabric – it turned out better than I had hoped – I don’t know if it is washable – but for now it doesn’t matter. The Quilt Fest requirement was just your name on the bag.

My friend Carol (who lives in Jacksonville and will be entering a quilt in the show too) said my angels will be happy in this bag – I hope so!

The Angels are quilted!

Before I go any further – I want to let you know it was quilted by Jackie Kunkel at Canton Village Quilt Works. Thanks Jackie for a spectacular job.

See Jackie’s blog post today – she blogged about my quilt – how cool is that!

For comparison here is a picture of the original pattern cover. A few of the figures shown here were not like this in the actual pattern. The biggest difference was the angel with the trumpet on the left – the one in the pattern is half this size – I redrew the angel almost from scratch. Thank goodness I know how to draw. If you buy May Lou’s very cute pattern do NOT expect it to look like mine.


I am going to post 24 pictures I just took outside in natural light. I know that’s a LOT of photos but I wanted to let you see the incredible detail.

I taped the unbound quilt to the patio wall with wide packing tape and stood on a rickety folding chair to photograph the top part without too much distortion. I am just grateful I did not fall off and break my neck!

Click on the pictures for a closer look. For some unknown reason the colors look much brighter and more like the real thing when you enlarge the pictures.

I want you to notice the double lines on the purple frames. Can you imagine how many times she had to stop and skip over the appliquéd figure spilling over onto the frame. I don’t know a thing about longarm quilting – but that couldn’t have been easy to do. And the countless thread changes – what a job!

I just love the spirals Jackie used on all of the cheeks. Isn’t the hair great – they were just flat yellow patches and now it looks like hair.

Look at the detail on the cuff – and the lovely strokes on the wings echoing the swirly vines on the batik fabric.

The vertical lines on the striped dress is just the right amount of quilting don’t you think? I LOVE the little bows on the striped border – I would never have expected anything to be quilted in that 1″ space – what a wonderful bonus!

Notice the tiny tight squiggly quilting and the very close vertical lines on the background. Jackie filled in all of the black – using both methods. There is no quilting at all on the word ANGELS – so the letters are almost 3 dimensional.

This little spiky haired angel is my favorite in the row of  five small ones.

Isn’t the hair great – love those swirly curls. Nothing fancy on the wings – so as not to distract from the focus on the hair.

Here are those swirly curlies again – so cute.

Perfect quilting on the skirt!

Look at those closely spaced vertical lines – the letters just pop out

The vertical quilting up close – it is very effective and makes a nice contrast with the meandering squigglies

From the side – so you can see the dimensional effect the tight dense background quilting creates.

Finally – the wonderful border design – angels holding hearts – how perfect! The white fluff is from the batting – I’ll remove it with one of those sticky rollers when I sew on the binding.

I have decided, after much thought, to name it “Guardian Angels God Will Send Thee” from the very old Welsh tune “Ar Hyd Y Nos” or “All Through The Night.”

Sleep my child and peace attend thee,
All through the night
Guardian angels God will send thee,
All through the night
Soft the drowsy hours are creeping
Hill and vale in slumber sleeping,
I my loving vigil keeping
All through the night.

While the moon her watch is keeping
All through the night
While the weary world is sleeping
All through the night
O’er they spirit gently stealing
Visions of delight revealing
Breathes a pure and holy feeling
All through the night.

Love, to thee my thoughts are turning
All through the night
All for thee my heart is yearning,
All through the night.
Though sad fate our lives may sever
Parting will not last forever,
There’s a hope that leaves me never,
All through the night.

Hear it in Welsh here. And in English here. It is a beautiful tune to go with beautiful words.

Ta Da!


finished angel quilt

Angels border

What do you think?

I have spent most of the day trying out all sorts of options – cutting my finger quite badly with the rotary cutter in the process!

This is the first one that I like – it is bold enough to contain the busy angels – and I LOVE striped borders. It is only one inch wide – the same as the purple frame. The black is four inches.

I’ll ease in the squares so the corners are even – this is just strips up on the design wall – nothing is sewn yet.

angels border

Mother and child angels

They are just pinned on – but I had to post it – I am so excited that it’s almost done! I’ve spent hours this weekend cutting freezer paper patterns, ironing them on to the fabric – cutting 1/4 inch around the pattern pieces – then gluing the seam allowances down – whew!

I changed the collar on the mother angel three times. First it was lavender and it looked too pale – then it was a purple and pink stripe – nope –  the third try I like – a purple batik. The little girl’s hair was brown but there wasn’t enough contrast against the mother’s dress – so I changed it to a red floral batik. I added a headband and a big bow to the center angel with the uplifted arms – I think it softens her ET  shaped face.

This week I am going to finish the appliqueing – then on to the embroidered details and a finally a border.

last angel