Granny Squares baby quilt

Not for any particular baby. I’m just calling all of my small quilts (about 36″x48″) baby quilts. I have a 21 year old granddaughter- so someday they may have a recipient.

Meanwhile it is a good format for trying out patterns I’ve wanted to make. Even though it would have been an easy pattern to sew on the machine it is hand pieced.

There will be 12 squares and I’m planning on a two inch white sashing  and a four inch white border with a wonderful Kaffe floral print backing and binding. It will be custom quilted by Margaret Gunn. Not show quality quilting but definitely not edge to edge.

I’ll probably call it Nani Squares – that’s what my granddaughter calls me.


2 responses to “Granny Squares baby quilt

  1. I like the Nanisquare idea!

  2. I think this is wonderful. And I really like the name Nani (our new grandson is 7 weeks old ).

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