Large Pieced Duet

Quiltfest Jacksonville 2016 is over. My quilts and I arrived home safely. I entered four quilts in four categories. Large Pieced Duet, Intermediate Pieced Duet, Small and Mini. All hand pieced and all quilted by Margaret Gunn.

Large Pieced Duet: “Thoroughly Modern Lucy.”Patchwork of the Crosses by Lucy Boston. I used the 1.5” elongated hexagon pattern from Inklingo. It is an original design. A modern interpretation of the traditional POTC block. And a totally different setting. Google Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses and you will see how “thoroughly modern” mine is.

Here it is at the show. It didn’t win a ribbon. Not even an honorable mention. I was really surprised because it is my most popular quilt. It has been re-pinned thousands of times on Pinterest.

Here’s a look at my competition:

This is the blue ribbon winner in this category.

Paradise Lost by Ira Inman. Pattern by Judy Niemeyer

Second Prize. Spice Islands Compass by Hillary Wellborn. Pattern by Brenda Henning.

Third prize. Color Your World by Dale Angione.

More categories later…


5 responses to “Large Pieced Duet

  1. I pick your’s!!!!!!

  2. I like the winners most definitely but yes, you should haved placed – yours is quite stunning!

  3. Wow, just goes to show there’s no accounting for some tastes. I’m making a POTC in bright blues/greens, inspired partially by yours. So I know the work involved. Since your Lucy has had such exposure I think you need to retire it to my little home where I can selfishly protect it from the lack of recognition it experienced in Jacksonville, and where I would give it the respect it deserves, I’d stare upon it and caress it for hours on end!


  4. Thanks Carolyn

  5. i prefer yours……No doubt about it.

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