Alabama Beauty is quilted

AB full quilt
AB detail side view
AB red dot


The Alabama beauty arrived home safely yesterday. I LOVE it – Margaret did a spectacular job. Her photos are better than mine – you can see the details of the quilting .

See the photos and read about the details of the quilting process.

And here – back on the long arm for more quilting:

Mailing the finished quilt to Panama is always nerve-wracking for me. Margaret ships it via UPS it to our freight forwarder in Miami  (that’s the easy and safe part of the journey.) When it arrives in Panama it has to go through customs and I am always afraid that they are going to go wild with the box cutter and slice into the quilt. I always ask that Margaret put a piece or two or cardboard on the top of the quilt in case of a box cutter mishap. She did and – wouldn’t you know it – they cut the box open from the bottom! But nothing was damaged – thank goodness.

The quilt is quilted but there is still some work to do before I can block and bind it. Before Margaret even began the quilting she suggested that I appliqué some 1/2 inch circles/dots in the center of the red petals.

After much thought I have decided that I am going to take her advice. I was against it at first –  is it going to be perceived as a cover up of a less than perfect intersection?

Somehow it feels like a failure on my part that I couldn’t get it  absolutely perfect. But  Margaret convinced me that it would greatly enhance the competitiveness of the quilt – and after all I enter shows because it’s fun and winning ribbons is always a plus! If the damn dots may positively influence a judge – I’ll do it!

I think I have figured out why the decision to add the dots was difficult for me. I worked sooooo hard on those intersections and was very proud of how well I did – they lay flat and there were no holes. I sort of wanted to leave them that way to show the judge and the show atendees how well I had mastered a difficult technical challenge. But… now that it is so beautifully quilted I do admit they look a little “raw”  – somewhat unfinished.

Those dots are going to be very challenging – they wouldn’t have been easy if I’d done it block by block – but now I will be handling a whole quilt – that has been quilted! Yikes!

I have already started making the dots using my glue stick freezer paper on the top method. I am using dark purple on the 36 blocks with the purple points and a dark reddish orange for the 25 intersections with the yellow circle backgrounds.

The Alabama Beauty pattern – like the Joseph’s Coat – is often appliquéd – it certainly would have been far easier! So I hope the judges (at QuiltFest Jacksonville 2015) are going to be surprised to see a hand pieced Alabama Beauty :-)


12 responses to “Alabama Beauty is quilted

  1. wow, beautiful, I am not sure it needs the dots either it is so striking.
    I love my Kaffe fabrics but have a hard time cutting them.

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  3. can’t wait to see how it looks finished…do show me pictures :-)

  4. This is just wonderful. I am very inspired by your work and love all the things you make. I have started to do everything in Kaffes to be as colorful as you are!!! Loved hearing from you! Cathy in Texas

  5. Another stunning creation. Can’t wait to see it hanging in the show–in the winners row!

  6. It is absolutely stunning. No question about it!

  7. I absolutely love the quilt just as it is. If you put that many small circles on it I think they will draw the viewer’s eye to them and detract from the overall design. I have seen many quilts with imperfections win top ribbons when the overall design is as good as yours and I think you would have a better chance of winning without the circles.

  8. I’m so glad it made it safely through customs! The airline people here but a slit in a pair of my UGG boots with their box cutters last year . . . so frustrating!

    • It wasn’t the post office. I flew to visit my daughter in Massachusetts, and had packed a box of cold-weather outerwear, since it was much colder there than where I live. They slit the boots when they opened the box to inspect it. And, no, there was no compensation. I was pretty bummed, particularly since it was an older pair of boots that were some of my favorites, and really aren’t replaceable. But having a quilt get damaged in that way would be just terrible!

  9. Carol: It’s another knock out. I hear what you’re saying about the dots, but I think once they all get put in, it will be a nice element. As for Margaret’s quilting, well…let’s just say I am blown away. What good fortune for you to have found someone of her talents to finish your own impeccable work.

  10. It gets my “Best of Show”!

  11. Carol, it is beyond words gorgeous!!

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