Hexagon star test block

hexagon star

I’ve never made a star quilt – but I’ve always liked them – I even have a “Star Quilts” board on Pinterest.

When Linda (of Inklingo fame) recently released a new collection of star points as an add-on to the hexagon collections I just had to try it.

It’s exactly like sewing a hexagon flower – and I LOVE hexagons! Adding the diamonds is a breeze – continuous stitching – I only used two threads.

I’d like to make 42 – six across and seven down. With a narrow inner border and a wider outer border it will be a nice medium size.

When am I going to do this – who knows? I have so many projects going at once. So into the sample block drawer it goes. Along with my Winding Ways and the Clamshell Pickle and the New York Beauty.

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5 responses to “Hexagon star test block

  1. You haven’t posted for a while, I do hope all is well. I don’t usually like Union Jack quilts but yours makes me want to make one. Your colours are always wonderful and the quilting stunning.
    I do some quilting (usually on papers) but my real love is embroidery. if you have time, I’d love you to have a look at my blog http://www.addisonembroideryatthevicarage.co.uk.
    with best wishes
    Mary Addison

  2. Glad you are finally doing a star quilt. Yummy colors for your first block!

  3. Aren’t the star points fun? I love your test piece – makes me think of colourful flowers amongst gorgeous greenery.

  4. Love the lime green background! What is your pinterest page I’d like to follow it?

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