Five blocks done and each one of them is WRONG – the horizontal red stripe is too wide – a half an inch too wide! My original instructions said 7.5 cm and it should have been 6 – I have corrected the original post. How the heck that happened and how I didn’t catch is sooner is beyond me. Now where did I put the seam ripper?


5 responses to “Oops!

  1. I would be thrilled with such an easy fix :-) Only one seam to rip and you caught it before they were all done!

  2. Geez, Carol, I feel your pain. I had to fix three of them, once I got them all up on the board. Maybe there’s a secret Union Jack spirit that is challenging us for making a quilt out of it…?

  3. Well the good news it will only be one seam to do trim and redo. Think if it was one of the angle ones how much you would have to redo!

    Looking good.

  4. Oh bother….!

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  5. Well, if that doesn’t dull your seam ripper! Humbling moment.

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