Union Jack quilt block #2

Flag block #2

Still paper piecing. Since the strips are an odd size – nothing resembling any of the marks on my rulers – I’d  have to use templates – so I might as well just paper piece. I am getting better at it :-)


8 responses to “Union Jack quilt block #2

  1. In addition to your other incredibly unfair-that-you-have-so-many-talents, I number your ability to choose fabrics for a WOWZA impact as unparalleled! I can’t believe this block – there are so many striking things about the fabrics and how they play off each other. It almost looks like a watercolor! Thanks for the eye candy & inspiration!!!

  2. I love the fabrics you used. I’m confused about how you’re doing this. Are you paper piecing the four corner blocks and then adding the other bands? And what marks on your rulers? Please just ignore these questions if you feel like it. After spending all those hours making mine, I’m just nosey to know if there’s a faster/easier way to do it.

    • Martie – I am just paper piecing the 4 corners. Then I add the short and long white band to two sides of each block – paying very careful attention to which side I sew them on. Then I join the top two units A and B to each side of the short red piece. Same on the bottom C and D. Then I join those two units to the large strip of red. See my latest blog post and let me know if you have any more questions. I want to get this right and will edit the post to make it as clear as possible. The marks on the rulers are 1/2, 1/4 and 1/8 and the strips are”non quilting standard” sizes.

  3. Is there a paper piecing pattern available carol or did you draw your own?
    I like paper piecing once in awhile. I am making a Japanese cross block quilt now due to you inspiration!

  4. I so like that. It’s way tooo cool. Liz

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