Union Jack quilt block #1

Union Jack quilt block

It measures 18″ x 10″. I downloaded a flag and enlarged it in Photoshop and made my own paper piecing pattern for the 4 striped units. I’d forgotten how much I despise paper piecing so I am going to try to do the next one with templates. I’ll let you know how that goes :-)

I plan on three across and five down so I have 14 more to make.  All with red, white and blues – but all of the prints are different. I will use a white background print as sashing.

There are some Union Jack patterns online – but the design of the flag is usually not accurate. It is such an iconic image – it reads “Union Jack” with just some thick and thin Xs – any color and any shape.  My husband is English and it HAD to be accurate.


7 responses to “Union Jack quilt block #1

  1. Bravo! Great way to make your pattern. Are you hand piecing yours?

    • Nope – machine. If inklingo had a pattern I would be so happy – I can’t stand paper piecing. I just don’t know how so many people manage to finish those ENORMOUS paper pieced Judy Neimeyer quilts! Still haven’t had time to try a non paper pieced version.

  2. Joan – the final paragraph of the article says it all:

    The flag’s importance isn’t just political, either. The Union Jack is emblematic of modern British culture and society worldwide. These days, it’s emblazoned on corporate logos, foreign aid, rock guitars, and even sex symbols. Perhaps no flag other than America’s is as instantly recognizable around the world as the Union Jack is. Will a new flag retain that power?

    I don’t think so! Just Google Union Jack furniture, Union Jack clothes, Union Jack cars, Union Jack just about anything :-) Those ugly yellow red and black and blue designs just aren’t the same.

    Today I am going to try another method of constructing the pattern – I am hoping templates will be faster – the paper piecing takes forever!

  3. David is going to love it! I bet he is wondering what took you so long to make him a quilt :-)

    • I think I am going to have to give it to Sam – I can see another one (or two) in my future. Sure hope I can figure out a better way to construct the blocks – I really don’t like paper piecing at all!!

  4. That Union Jack is way to cool. Love it. Beautiful

  5. Such a GORGEOUS way to do up a flag! I’ve been reading in the Atlantic about “What will be the U.K.’s new Flag if the Referendum on Scotland Passes” – I sure hope the Union Jack stays the way it is, but it is a fascinating read about why it looks the way it does – it’s really brilliant! I’ll paste a link and see if you can get it:

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