I’m a published quilter!!

Check out my quilter Margaret’s blog post:


I don’t have my physical paper magazine yet so I downloaded the digital version as soon as it was published. I don’t think it is legal to include a photo of the entire page so I will just let you read about it on Margaret’s blog.

It’s the November/December issue of Machine Quilting Unlimited if you’d like to look for it on the news stands. It’s a really nice magazine if you do your own quilting – whether longarm or domestic machine.


10 responses to “I’m a published quilter!!

  1. Congratulations that’s wonderful news!!! Yay

  2. Oh, how exciting! Your stunning quilts and you deserve this, and it is a great platform for Inklingo, too :-)
    I will look for the magazine.

  3. Sherry Minkowski

    Congratulations, Carol. You both deserve this! This may be your first showing in print, but you’re also all over Pinterest on quilt boards. I always get excited when I see someone’s pinned one of your creations!

  4. Congratulations to you both, I can hardly wait to see your quilt in my copy if the magazine…congrats on keeping the secret so long.

  5. A wonderful achievement, hearty congratulations.

  6. Woohoo! Very well deserved! Congratulations to you and to Margaret!

    • Thanks Laura it wasn’t easy keeping the secret – I’ve know for some time. Can’t wait to get the magazine – it will seem more real than the digital version.

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  7. YAY YOU! YAY YOU! It’s about time! You are MOST deserving!

  8. Super accomplishment……I m so very happy for you…..well deserved!

  9. I am so happy for you! This is a milestone few quilters achieve. Keep quilting. Your posts always make me smile, and they inspire me, too!

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