Update on Alabama Beauty progress

pointy bits unit done

I am working on the second (and last) set of 18 blocks – the first set is finished and sewn together. See it here.

I like sewing the same pieces together on all the blocks – it seems to go faster – I get into a rhythm when I do the same thing over and over.

I have finished step one – joining the 72 purple pointy bits to the 144 trumpet shapes on all of the 18 remaining blocks.

pointy bit unit + orange peel

The next step is to join the orange 72 orange peel shapes to the 72 purple pointy bit units. I’ll be back for another progress report when this step is completed.


3 responses to “Update on Alabama Beauty progress

  1. It sure is a beauty!

  2. A milestone to be sure, bravo!

  3. That’s going to be another beautiful quilt! Once again, love your fabric!!

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