Scalloped frame – done

It’s a bit wonky – partly because it is wonky and partly because of the camera. But never mind – I will straighten it out before I add the purple border.

I will be appliqueing the flowers inside the medallion soon – then I must put it away and concentrate on finishing my Alabama Beauty. I would like to get it to my quilter by the end of the year. I only have 18 blocks to finish – but I have planned a complicated border with a lot of piecing and appliqué and that will take time.

heart and scallops


9 responses to “Scalloped frame – done

  1. I feel so privileged to have seen this beauty in person!

  2. Gorgeous Gorgeous … it !!

  3. I’m liking the direction you are going….guess I’ll have to wait got the next instalment!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous!!! Love the Kaffes…

  5. Jo Major Ciolino

    That gets more and more beautiful as you go along – LOVE watching your work, it inspires me!

  6. Carol te esta quedando hermoso!!!!!

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