Kaffe Challenge quilt finished!

I have decided to call it Besos Y Abrazos – which means Kisses And Hugs in Spanish.

I need a new camera – the one I am using is at least 10 years old! The quilt does need a bit of blocking – but it is not as skewed as it looks in this picture!

Quilted (by Pam Burnham of Quilter’s Needle in Canton, CT) bound and the sleeve sewn on. Now I have to make a bag to protect it on its journey. The challenge rules allow only the contestant’s assigned number and not a label on the back.

Besos Y Abrazos

The Challenge show is in May. My German quilting friend Beate will be hand carrying my quilt and her quilt ( a lovely hand pieced Drunkard’s Path) to Germany when she visits her mother next month.

When the show is over they will return it by Fed Ex or DHL. Instead of sending it back to me in Panama I will have them mail it to my friend Carol in Jacksonville – she has kindly volunteered to sew on the label before Quiltfest. I’m flying up for the show but I won’t be there for the quilt turn in.

The website for the Kaffe Challenge is http://patchwork-stoffe.de/?p=963


13 responses to “Kaffe Challenge quilt finished!

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  2. Amazing. If that doesn’t catch his eye and win a prize, I can’t imagine what will.

  3. Really beautiful! I love it!

  4. Beautiful use of the fabrics, good luck in the challenge, I hope to see a ribbon or two hanging from it when you get it back!

  5. It’s beautiful and I’m sure it will get a ribbon! My fingers are crossed for you, good luck!

  6. That is one WOW of a quilt!!!!! Love your use of color. You inspire me.

  7. very pretty – love the bright colors!

  8. So bright and cheery! Love it! Good luck with the Challenge and Quiltfest! No matter what, this quilt is a winner in my book!

  9. It is wonderful! It will be a hit at the shows and I love that more quilters will be inspired to try Inklingo as a result. Thank you! Hugs from Linda & Monkey

  10. Such a beautiful, cheery quilt! Can’t wait to see it in person. Good luck in the Challenge–and subsequent show(s)!

  11. Looks great! Congratulations on the finish.

  12. Beautiful. Good luck with your entry.

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