First tart

first tart

Whoa! That was a bit tricky. I enlarged the original pattern 143% and now this tart measures 5 inches in diameter. If I had used the original size pattern this little tart would have been 3 1/2 inches – yikes!


5 responses to “First tart

  1. This is so awesome! You’ll have me converted to those colours in record time…in fact I’ve already started collecting them . I’m really enjoying watching you put this together so don’t stop with the updates!

  2. Perfect–you really nailed that small inset circle!

  3. Wow, what a challenge to fit those in. You are going to be so adept at curved piecing by the end of this project. I doff my hat to you in awe.

  4. I have SO enjoyed watching this come together, the fabrics and blocks are a riot of colors! Woo hoo!

  5. You do such good work. I love all your quilts.

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