Pie #4

Pie #4

4 Pies

I haven’t worked on this since March 11th 2011 – I just checked my last post of Pie #3. Wow – that’s a long time! But that’s perfectly normal for me – I make a few sample blocks and put them away and move on to another pattern that catches my attention. It’s all Linda’s fault – she keeps coming up with such fabulous Inklingo patterns and I can’t resist.

This quilt is my entry in QuiltFest Jacksonville 2013 in the “small” category – maximum 180″ total sides. I enlarged the pattern 143% so the Pie blocks are 10″ rather than 7″.

pie and tarts scan

For a quilt that measures 30″ x 40″ without the borders I need: 12 Pie blocks, 6 Tart blocks, 10 half  Tarts, and 4 quarter Tarts.


One response to “Pie #4

  1. You do love curves! Going to be another cutie.

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