144 Mini Drunkard’s Path blocks

I have separated the blocks into two groups – one has the fabric on the corner and in the other group that same fabric appears in the quarter circle.

Now I have to pick four 2″  quarter blocks to make a 4″ block. I will choose from one group at a time – I don’t want any fabric repeats in a block.

I will arrange them in a square six blocks across and six blocks down. That is 24″  square – giving me enough room for a small border. The Mini quilt category for the 2013 Quiltfest Jacksonville show is no larger than 30″ square. The longest side of the quilt must be no more than 30″ long. Maximum block size is 5″ – mine are 2″.

I have hand pieced these blocks. I will join the 4 quarters by hand as well – but I plan on machine piecing the full blocks.


2 responses to “144 Mini Drunkard’s Path blocks

  1. Wow and I thought that I have patience. Lovely colors.

  2. So colorful–now the fun begins.

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