Octagon top finished

Here it is hanging off the balcony – it’s a bit too big for the design wall. The piano keys border hasn’t been trimmed yet – it hasn’t had it’s final ironing and it’s being stretched at the top – but the afternoon rain is about to start – and this is the best I could do.

My longarm quilter Jackie has gone out of the quilting for customers business – so I am without a quilter at the moment. I want to enter this in Quiltfest Jacksonville 2013 – I have plenty of time.

See my reflection in the studio doors :-)


21 responses to “Octagon top finished

  1. julia helena harkins guedes

    Wow, wow, wow!!!! Me alegró los ojos su creación! Un abz.

  2. Sorry, forgot to say how much I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that quilt…really beautiful! I would have to name it SUNSHINE!

  3. I love Kaffe’s fabric …ALL of them…grin (!) The quilt made from Kaffe’s shots and prints has held up now for some 8 years. It was one made for my then “in college” dd. The more we wash it, the softer it gets and it has no wear on it at all. I used his “ticking” blue/cream striped fabric for the backing and sashing strips on the front…no wear there either. In short, I am amazed that those fabrics have not “raveled” apart…just thought you might want to know how well his fabric wears. So far, really well!

  4. It is wonderful!!!

  5. Julia Hanussak

    Oh Carol- your quilt is simply fabulous! The colors make me feel like I’m on a warm breezy tropical beach instead of on a farm in Oregon! lol I love seeing what other quilters are doing- I get so inspired and motivated! Thanks for sharing and giving me the creative nudge I needed.

  6. Gorgeous quilt, Carol. Congrats on a fabulous finish! Hope you find a new LA.

  7. Carol your design worked so well, this is beautiful! It certainly makes all the various evolutions worth it doesn’t it when you see such a gorgeous final product. Congratulations.
    ~Jillian in North Dakota

  8. Carol, your persistance has paid you back in full plus a lot of interest. Spectacular job, congratulations.

  9. beautiful you should be very proud of this quilt.

  10. Congratulations on such a fantastic job, Carol! It’s going to be a gorgeous quilt. . .!

  11. CONGRATULATIONS! You stuck with it and got it done. It looks great.

  12. It’s quite wonderful. I love the blues and oranges together. I thought of you when I read Jackie wasn’t going to be taking quilting jobs anymore; I was hoping somehow this quilt had made it under the wire. Perhaps you’ll hand quilt it?

  13. Dig how the blue inner blocks work. Nice job there.

  14. Love, love, love this terrific quilt!

  15. Oh Carole!
    This is absolutely magnificent!

  16. This is soooo beautiful.

  17. So gorgeous!! I love the bright colors and fabulous contrast!!!

  18. Jennifer Padden

    FABULOUS! you should be very proud of this one.

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