Life in the tropics

My daughter just sent me this picture she took on her phone. This little thief just stole a tomato off the kitchen table.  He climbed up the red palms outside the window. Our house is a duplex so my kitchen window is just a few feet away – but fortunately it was closed. It’s a good thing too – because I have a bunch of bananas on the kitchen counter and several avocados ripening in a bowl. He would have had a feast.

Minutes after receiving this picture I went downstairs to the laundry room – which is under the house – not closed in – and found a disaster. The dog’s food was all over the place, the empty bowl thrown across the room, bags of detergent were opened, stuff was knocked off the shelves. A plastic bag containing lots of small items was ripped open and the contents strewn around. He must have been looking for more food – that tomato he’d just eaten just whetted his appetite for more.

This is a capuchin monkey. We have lots of them in the neighborhood – but as the incessant building continues to pave over the green areas – some of it jungle – the wildlife is getting squeezed out of their natural habitat. Not long ago my husband saw a dead monkey in the street just a block from our house – he’d been run over by a car and another monkey was beside him trying to help him get up. So sad.


3 responses to “Life in the tropics

  1. julia helena harkins guedes

    Wow, que susto! Me encantan los monos pero, les temo tbn pq ellos muerden. Hehehehe, salió bien alimentado! Abz Carol.

  2. Awww (the helping monkey). What a riot, though, to catch a shot of a cute little thief sitting on her windowsill. Fun and a tiny disconcerting at the same time!

  3. I feel so sorry for all the wildlife in areas of development. Here in southwest Florida, we are trying very hard to save the Florida Panthers. It’s so sad when you hear one got hit by a car and died. Your little rascal looks so cute but a real trouble maker. I must tell you how much I’ve enjoyed following your beautiful quilts.

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