I found it!!!

I bought Barbara Brackman’s encyclopedia many years ago – specifically to find out the name and origin of this pattern. I found #2876 called The Broken Stone or East and West. But… it had a square in the middle. I just assumed the maker made a slight variation and that this was indeed the pattern.

Well – lo and behold – just 20 pages over I found #3086 called Broken Stone, Lover’s Quarrel or New Wedding Ring – all dated 1931. I probably would never have found it if I had not run across a Quilt History forum message dated September 2006.

I have been obsessed with finding out the date of this quilt. Now the search is over and it didn’t tun out as I had hoped. I so wanted it to be made by my great great grandmother Polly Barfield. But alas – she died in 1912 and this pattern was published in 1931.


One response to “I found it!!!

  1. I am very happy you found the answer! I’m sorry it turn out the way you wanted, but nevertheless, the quilt is still wonderful! So…who made it?

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