Last five x and + blocks

I’ve been thinking about eliminating one and making it a rectangle – 4 across and 6 down. I don’t like the third one down – the turquoise is too bright – it jumps out at me – it’s the first one I look at – it has got to go!

Now on to the sashing. I have several ideas for the borders – all involving lots of fabric – darn – I wish I hadn’t put away the 175 fabrics I used in the blocks – now I’ve got to track them all down for the scrappy border!


4 responses to “Last five x and + blocks

  1. I love your Blocks of any dimensions :)

  2. Aha! I knew one should never be in a rush to tidy up. :0)

  3. I love Kaffe fabrics. Your blocks are beautiful. I hope you post a picture when you’re done.
    Superior Threads

  4. I’m not sure you are going to be happy with the dimensions on 4 x 6 blocks.

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