Batik hexagon quilt is quilted

It arrived yesterday. I am thrilled to say the least – it is all that I expected it to be and more. I think Jackie did a splendid job!

I am trimming the border – that’s why it’s not quilted to the edge.


16 responses to “Batik hexagon quilt is quilted

  1. That is one fabulous quilt. As Lisa said, it is a masterpiece.

  2. love your Hexi-quilt AND the quilting – very special!
    greetings from Germany – Brigitte
    who just showed her filled squares in the POTC

  3. What a masterpiece! Your choice of color and design are wonderful! The quilting just makes it!

  4. Carol, You took some wonderful photos of the quilt!! Thank you again for allowing me to work on your masterpiece quilt! It truly is a pleasure!

    • If you’d like to put it in your gallery when it’s finished I will send you some photos and some good close ups of the different quilting motifs.

  5. julia helena harkins guedes

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!! De película, Sra. Carol. Un abz,

  6. Love it! Great job by all!

  7. Wow! I love everything about it, Carol! Gorgeous use of color!

  8. Boy, she did a spectacular job quilting it. It’s just gorgeous…and I love the border…

  9. Beautiful — the quilting is gorgeous!

  10. The quilt is just beautiful!

  11. Yep. That’s a job well done! Pretty quilt. Enjoy.

  12. Beautiful piecing and quilting. I love it.

  13. It is just beautiful. I especially love the quilting in the borders.

    • I took the pictures outside and for some strange reason they make the quilting look more prominent than it really is – especially on the cream hexes. It looks much better in person. I think the judges will like it – they like a lot of quilting and this has it!! I am going to use it for a bedspread so I ‘m fine with it being sort of stiff.

  14. Wonderful in all aspects–design, color, quilting–bravo to you and Jackie, too!

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