All 25 on the wall

Click on the photo for an enlargement. This may or may not be the final arrangement – any suggestions will be considered. I’ve moved them around so much I just can’t see any more options at this point. I am looking for a balance of light, medium and darks and of course the different colors should be well distributed.


2 responses to “All 25 on the wall

  1. On the bottom right hand corner, I see (from right edge) the second and third blocks up from the corner are very similar. I might swap one of those out for the #2 block in row 2 (upper left corner)…the one with the greens and yellows…to give some turquoise balance to that section of the quilt.

  2. The only thing that I normally do is anchor the corners with darker blocks will give it a border feeling. Your quilt is going to be awesome.

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