Pies fabic combinations

The fabric on top is the background – the two tucked inside are the pie wedges. I have lots more to do – but I am waiting for my batik order to arrive  – it should be here this week.

Click on the photo to get a closer look.


9 responses to “Pies fabic combinations

  1. WOW, you really nailed those colors and fabrics…this is going to be lovely!

  2. Oh these colors are so beautiful. It’ll be stunning!

    • I hope so Diane – I am having doubts like I did with the Alabama Beauties – the colors are so nice individually but it remains to be seen how they will look together. Time will tell.

  3. Loving all the Kaffes and the colors are mouth watering.

  4. the colors just make my heart sing!

  5. You had the same worry about your Alabama Beauty and it is spectacular. Trust your art training and your instincts.

  6. I see you had fun today. These combos are smashing as usual. Eagerly awaiting the fabric order with you!

    • I did! I have printed and cut 7 backgrounds. Printed and will cut tomorrow 7 sets of fabric for the Pie wedges. Quilt group tomorrow – so everything is stashed away in boxes. Can’t wait to see how this is going to turn out – what if it’s a mess – a jumble of color with no focus – no contrast?

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