First Alabama Beauty block done

The meeting of the purple points in the center is not as accurate as I would have liked – but I know I will get better as I go along. Click on the photo for an enlargement and you can see the wonky center . This block is in the upper left hand corner – and nobody will see it up close.

Piecing curved blocks is quite different from the straight lines I have been used to (the Batik Hexagons and the Patchwork of the Crosses.)

Half way through the piecing of this block I was so frustrated I was seriously wondering if I could finish all 36 blocks. I emailed the “curved piecing expert” Cathi Godwin of Quilt Obsession. She answered right away and lo and behold I was doing almost everything the wrong way – or at least not the best way.

I was using regular pins and she suggested using a #12 needle – thinner than any pin so the fabric isn’t distorted as much.

I was pinning at all the match points at once and she said to only pin one at a time – stitch up to the match point remove the needle and place it at the next matchpoint – and so on along the seam. She also suggested taking a small back stitch at each matchpoint.

I was starting my stitching right on the cross hair and Cathi starts one stitch in and then back stitches so the knots are not all clumped up at the corners.

I wasn’t clipping the concave curves – now I am.

See Cathi’s wonderful very well  illustrated tutorials on hand piecing  here and here. Whether you use Inklingo or not these are excellent instructions.


3 responses to “First Alabama Beauty block done

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  2. Wow! This block is fantastic and you got such great advice from Cathi!!!! You’re clippin’ right along now. :) Thanks for sharing. Also, I don’t think that center perfection matching business is what one sees at all. I mean, the quiltmaker does but not the quilt lover that’s admiring the block. This has such lovely, luscious constrast. Just sayin’…

    • Hi Karen Dianne

      I started on my second block last night using all of Cathi’s tips and advice – wow – what a difference – it is actually going smoothly and I am enjoying the process. I think using #12 needles instead of pins and the clipping the concave curves has made a tremendous difference. I know – I am trying to do my best with the bits that join in the middle – but also trying to bear in mind that people won’t be examining it with a magnifying glass! I am a perfectionist and it is so hard to let go of the quest for perfection. With all of those wild prints overwhelming you the tiny details will be lost in the visual confusion.

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