Needle book

I know – I messed up on the stitch in the ditch on the bottom  (and not so great on the left side)  but I don’t think the Quilt Police have been deployed to Panama so I am letting it go!

I don’t have any felt for the pages yet – I used to have a large box of felt in all colors but during one of my organizing rampages I gave it all away.

This is a very cute needle book and I love it and I am glad I made it – but holy cow – it takes a lot of time. I could have made several hand pieced quilt blocks in the time it took me to make this.

Recently my quilt group decided that we are going to make some “small quilted projects” to sell at a bazaar in October to make money for the girls we sponsor. It is one thing if you make something for yourself or to give as a handmade gift to a good friend or family member – but when you are selling you realize how much work is in something that can make so little money.

What would you pay for something like this? Someone suggested $8 – are you crazy? I am NOT making these for $8 – NO WAY! I am going to donate the money we would have made had I made them and be done with it!


2 responses to “Needle book

  1. Love the colours you have used. The needle case is beautiful.

    • Thanks Simone – I enjoyed browsing your blog – your POTC is gorgeous!! I have done 24 and love them so much I am thinking of adding another 6 blocks. Those teeny hexes that I used on the needle case are such fun to do – I am planning on making a doll bed quilt.

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