Ohhhh Noooooo!!

I should be screaming and kicking and pulling my hair out right now. But… I am actually eerily  calm after having just discovered that I cannot join the 42 paper pieced hexagons to the Inklingo hexagons (the 42 cream with colored centers and the 4 borders and filler hexes.)

If I had used the traditional English Paper Pieced method I am sure I could have rescued it – but the way I stitched mine (see below) I will have to unpick the top of each and every seam so I can attach it to the Inklingo hexagons with a running stitch. That means having to restitch about half way down on 6 seams per flower. No way – I will just make 42 more.

After all, tomorrow is another day. I will get out my stash of Batiks and start over. I am too far into this to give up now.


3 responses to “Ohhhh Noooooo!!

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  2. quiltobsession

    Why do you need to unpick? If the corners line up can you not just start right at the intersection of the corners to add the Inklingo hexagons?

    • Cathi – it’s difficult to explain – but the way I did it I caught the fabric folded over the paper in the seam as I was finishing off the stitching – I paid special attention to anchoring the ending of the seam very firmly. Now it will not open out – enabling me to attach the inklingo pieces.

      Reading what I have just written sounds unintelligible – You’d have to see it to believe it – I will try to take pictures tomorrow to illustrate the problem.

      The bottom line is don’t attempt this without Inklingo :-)


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