Inklingo vs English Paper Piecing

Yesterday my long arm quilter (and cyber-friend) Jackie asked me about the advantages of Inklingo over English paper piecing for hexagon quilts.

The Inklingo site has lots more information – but here’s my brief description:

You don’t have to cut paper patterns or use templates, there’s no basting to do,  you use a running stitch instead of a whip stitch so the stitches DO NOT show AT ALL on the front of the block!! And… last but not least – it is FAR more accurate.

The cutting and stitching lines are printed on the back of the fabric – which you have ironed onto freezer paper so it will go through the printer. Any inkjet printer will do. I prefer to use the 8 1/2″ x 11″ freezer paper you buy in packages at quilt shops – it is a bit heavier and longer lasting and not curved from being on a roll. I can use the same sheets MANY times – just rip the fabric off and iron another piece on.

On my Inklingo “Quilts I Want To Make” list I have  Drunkard’s Path, Apple Core, Dresden Plate, Orange Peel, Winding Ways and Double Wedding Ring – all curved seam patterns – and Le Moyne Star (inset seams.) As soon as Linda comes out with Storm At Sea that is going on my list as well.

Many of these patterns can be sewn by machine – but I LOVE hand piecing – it is so addictive and relaxing – I carry my little bag with me everywhere I go and get a lot accomplished in spare moments and while watching TV.

I wrote Linda (the inventor of Inklingo) that I’d rather give up my self healing cutting mat and my rotary cutter than give up  Inklingo – I’m serious!

Click twice on the photos to see the seams up close.


5 responses to “Inklingo vs English Paper Piecing

  1. I am uable to find printing instructions for elongated hexagons…do I have to purchase book and CD?

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  3. From one Inklingoist to another – I love your hexagons. I also like your description. Inkingo does tend to change ones life doesnt it. I will visit again.

  4. Wow, you are right you really can’t see the stitching. After getting your e-mail yesterday, I scoured the Inklingo site. I am going to back for many visits and may just have to try this!! Thanks for the info, Carol.

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