Patchwork Of The Crosses

The first four patches of my new project. Lucy Boston’s Patchwork Of  The Crosses. See the Inklingo projects page for some examples of this beautiful block.

I am not using Inklingo – even though I ordered and downloaded the pattern. I decided I wanted it half again bigger than the size provided in the collection. So… I scanned the elongated hexagon – enlarged it in Photoshop and of course the lines enlarge as well and are a bit thicker than I would have liked. Too bad they don’t provide several sizes. I made a template and I’m going to try it the old fashioned way – and I’m piecing by hand as well.

I fussy cut the center four patches and I am thrilled the way it turned out.

fussy cut hexes

Here is the fabric I used. I have very little in my stash that is ideal for fussy cutting – so I’ll just have to buy some more!



I have started another block and I fussy cut the center 4 hexagons that form the cross using the template method described above. I printed my Photoshopped version of the Inklingo hexes on the fabric and it’s turning out quite well – I just stitch in the middle of the line – no problems. Certainly a lot faster than drawing each hex with the template. I would highly recommend Inklingo – it’s very accurate and saves a LOT of time. I am going to write Linda and suggest larger sizes be added to the collections.

Addemdum #2 August 2010

Here is the link for the new larger 1.5 inch Inklingo Patchwork of the Crosses


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