Wonky 4 patch

My first quilt – finished at last!

When I started this project I didn’t have a stash – about the only fabric I had was a fat quarter assortment of batiks and hand dyes from equilter.com.

Referring to Jan Mullen’s book “Cut-Loose Quilts – Stack, Slice Switch and Sew.” I chose the four patch unit and began my first quilt.

I had no rotary cutter, no quilting rulers, and zero experience. I measured everything with my stainless steel type gauge (my favorite ruler from my graphic art days,) marked the squares and the cutting lines with a pencil and cut with scissors.

There was no master plan – I am the sort of person that rarely follows the pattern and I read the instructions only when all else fails.

I chose an assortment of colors for each block and cut out as many as I could until that fabric ran out – then I selected another group and did the same.  I ended up with 64 seven-inch blocks. I sewed them together on point – then I had to figure out how to fill in the zig zagy edges with triangles. So I cut up the remaining fabric into squares (which I then cut into triangles) the same size as the block – seemed logical to me at the time. Now I know that there is a formula for calculating the size of the setting triangles – I could have looked it up on the internet – but how was I to know. Live and learn! I didn’t have enough fabric left to do it over so I just took it apart and started over.

I eventually basted it and started quilting in the ditch – around all the squares and between the blocks. I hated the quilting and soon gave up and put it away after finishing about 25 blocks. Recently my friend Diane offered to finish the quilting for me. This weekend I decided it was about time to finish it. I trimmed it and bound it with some batik I bought to make a skirt. And I crossed it off my list of UFO’s to finish!

And here you have it – 8 years later. I am a lot older and wiser – but this quilt will always have a special place in my heart.

batik squares


3 responses to “Wonky 4 patch

  1. Wow…very beautiful. What an amazing journey and you have learned so much. Keep on quilting.

  2. It is just wonderful! Even though you did it in an unconventional way, it worked out just fantastic!

  3. I love it! And to think you mastered the Angels since starting your first quilt. Well done!!

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