Disappearing 9 patch

Finished – well… not quite – needs a border.  I have left over fabric from the blocks and  I want to do something pieced – quick and easy.

It measures about 40″ x 60″ and is made up of 24 9 patch blocks.

I Googled disappearing 9 patch and found this site with lots of photos of different types of D9P quilts.

9 patch


7 responses to “Disappearing 9 patch

  1. Just came across this beautiful, beautiful use of scraps! Where can I find the directions to make my own. pk

  2. Sorry, yes , of course it is. I just read the description again.

  3. Really like it and I am going to start one soon. Is that 4 across and 6 down?

  4. I just love it! The florals really look great together!

    • Thanks Jackie – I am now agonizing over the border – I want to use something in my stash because if I don’t I will have to wait until my Chicago trip in September to buy the fabric.

      I read on your website that the batting and backing need to be 8 inches bigger. I am going to let you provide the batting – so that’s not an issue. How much extra fabric – if any – do you need me to leave on the borders?


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