Mother and child angels

They are just pinned on – but I had to post it – I am so excited that it’s almost done! I’ve spent hours this weekend cutting freezer paper patterns, ironing them on to the fabric – cutting 1/4 inch around the pattern pieces – then gluing the seam allowances down – whew!

I changed the collar on the mother angel three times. First it was lavender and it looked too pale – then it was a purple and pink stripe – nope –  the third try I like – a purple batik. The little girl’s hair was brown but there wasn’t enough contrast against the mother’s dress – so I changed it to a red floral batik. I added a headband and a big bow to the center angel with the uplifted arms – I think it softens her ET  shaped face.

This week I am going to finish the appliqueing – then on to the embroidered details and a finally a border.

last angel


3 responses to “Mother and child angels

  1. Just put your quilt on my blog and if you click on your quilt, it takes you directly to your blog….I adore what you have done Carol! YOU have great talent!

  2. It just looks fabulous! You should be so proud. I love it!

  3. Hi Carol,

    Your quilt is looking wonderful. I love how you’ve made it your own with little tweaks.

    Keep up the great progress.

    Sandi in New Westminster B.C.

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