I have been messing around with the pattern for the last angel all afternoon. Like the angel with the trumpet on the left – the size was all wrong. First I printed out the pattern at 70% as I have done for all of the angels (except the trumpet.) I cut it out and put it together on the design wall – too small – way too small. So I printed and cut another at 100% – way too big. About now I am feeling like Goldilocks and hoping that the third try will be just right – it was – at 85%.



One response to “Pattern

  1. Carol, you have NO idea how exciting and wonderful I think YOUR wallhanging is. YOU are a true artist. I am sorry you are having trouble with the size of that last angel. Computers have never been my strong suit and I guess that is the problem. But your color sense you skill are evident and you will have a quilt that will tell what a wonderful artist with color you are! Thanks so much for sharing!
    Mary Lou

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