Progress on the angel quilt

I am using the ladder stitch that I learned from Ami Simm’s book Invisible Appliqué. I lent the book to someone and never got it back – but I remember the stitich. I find that it is easier to do than the more common tack stitch – especially with the freezer paper and glue stick appliqué method I use. See my hexagon quilt tutorial for more on this appliqué method.


One response to “Progress on the angel quilt

  1. WOW, what fun to see my angel pattern on your blog…it looks awesome. I think it so much fun to do! Please let me know if you heard from anyone about meeting us in Panama to see the Mola’s. I am excited to meet you!
    Mary Lou Weidman

    I am really having fun with the angel quilt – one of my favorite steps in the quilting process is choosing the fabric combinations. There are so many angels to dress – it is going to be fun choosing the fabric for each outfit! I love the batiks but plan on combining them with plaids and stripes and dots like you did on the original.

    Nope – I have not heard from anyone about the Panama trip. According to the cruise ship website you don’t have a lot of time on shore in Panama – but I do know that the tour buses do bring passengers across the isthmus to the Pacific side. If that tour is an option and everybody wants to buy molas I know where to go for one stop shopping. I will meet you there – I speak Spanish fluently and will translate and make sure you get the best prices and the best molas.

    I am so excited to meet you too – I hope this works out.

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