A simple sewing project using molas #2

These need quilting and then they will be made into pillow covers. I will probably add a black border.

I hope to have an Etsy shop sometime in the near future – soon as I have enough inventory.

Read about molas and molitas here. Some readers think that I make the molas. Oh – no, no, no – the Kunas make the molas and molitas – I just add the borders.

I often commission the molitas to be the size I need for the project I have in mind. These I bought “off the shelf” so to speak. They weren’t square so I added a black strip of fabric to the top and the bottom – but it looked off balance – so I took the molitas back to Carmen (my favorite Kuna needleworker) and she appliqued on some geometric shapes to fill in the space – much better!


One response to “A simple sewing project using molas #2

  1. Those are utterly gorgeous.

    Well thank you Candy. I have had them lying around in the “UFO” box for ages – when I put something up on my blog it encourages me to get it finished. Soon as I get the black border sewn on and the quilting done I am going to take them to my seamstress to do the cording and zipper – yuck – I hate that part.

    Stay tuned – because I am photographing all my unfinished mola projects. If you think these are gorgeous – wait till you see the others!

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