Twelve Nani Squares done

I’m cutting two inch white strips for sashing and a four inch white border. Keeping it simple.

Granny Squares baby quilt

Not for any particular baby. I’m just calling all of my small quilts (about 36″x48″) baby quilts. I have a 21 year old granddaughter- so someday they may have a recipient.

Meanwhile it is a good format for trying out patterns I’ve wanted to make. Even though it would have been an easy pattern to sew on the machine it is hand pieced.

There will be 12 squares and I’m planning on a two inch white sashing  and a four inch white border with a wonderful Kaffe floral print backing and binding. It will be custom quilted by Margaret Gunn. Not show quality quilting but definitely not edge to edge.

I’ll probably call it Nani Squares – that’s what my granddaughter calls me.


“Tropical Sunshine. The pattern is the two inch Drunkard’s Path from Inklingo. It is hand pieced and quilted by Margaret Gunn. It won third prize. Here it is at home:

And at the show:

The blue ribbon winner was “My Tiny Trip” by Janet Frank.

Second place was “Eye Catcher” by Pat Guildford.

Small Pieced

“Summer Days.” From the lyrics to one of the songs in “Grease.” The pattern is Inklingo Pie and Tarts. I thought that with the bright colors it looked more like beach balls or beach umbrellas than pies and tarts. The quilt is hand pieced except for the border and attaching the binding.

Here it is at the show. It won an Honorable Mention.

The blue ribbon winner was Kylie’s Kites by Suzy Prickett. Based on a pattern by Eleanor Burns.

Second Place “Happiness” by Sandra Sontag. Based on a pattern by Jacqueline de Jonge.

Third Place “Distortion” by JoAnn Cooper.

Mini category tomorrow.

Intermediate Pieced Duet

“Round And Round” from the great Perry Como song of the same name. The block is called Alabama Beauty. I used the Orange Peel Deluxe pattern from Inklingo. The quilt is entirely hand pieced to include the borders. I only used the machine to attach the binding. Quilted by Margaret Gunn.

The Alabama Beauty block is by Nancy Cabot and was published in the Chicago Tribune in 1933. My version bears no resemblance to the traditional block. It was usually just two contrasting colors. More about Nancy and her wonderful block here.

Here it is at home:

And here it is at the show. It won second place.

Here is the blue ribbon winner “Remember Italy” by Brenda Lewis. The pattern is Judy Niemeyer’s Glacier Star. My foto is blurred – sorry.

Third place is Scrappy Serpentine Stars by Jackie Mooneyham. From a Bonnie Hunter design.

More tomorrow…..

Large Pieced Duet

Quiltfest Jacksonville 2016 is over. My quilts and I arrived home safely. I entered four quilts in four categories. Large Pieced Duet, Intermediate Pieced Duet, Small and Mini. All hand pieced and all quilted by Margaret Gunn.

Large Pieced Duet: “Thoroughly Modern Lucy.”Patchwork of the Crosses by Lucy Boston. I used the 1.5” elongated hexagon pattern from Inklingo. It is an original design. A modern interpretation of the traditional POTC block. And a totally different setting. Google Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses and you will see how “thoroughly modern” mine is.

Here it is at the show. It didn’t win a ribbon. Not even an honorable mention. I was really surprised because it is my most popular quilt. It has been re-pinned thousands of times on Pinterest.

Here’s a look at my competition:

This is the blue ribbon winner in this category.

Paradise Lost by Ira Inman. Pattern by Judy Niemeyer

Second Prize. Spice Islands Compass by Hillary Wellborn. Pattern by Brenda Henning.

Third prize. Color Your World by Dale Angione.

More categories later…

Blocking Tropical Sunshine

I haven’t blocked a quilt in years – so it was way harder than I remembered. I thought a mini would be easy. Uhhh.. NO!

If a quilt is six feet square the corners are pretty far apart and a tiny error will probably not be noticed. This is only 28″ square. It MUST be perfectly square. It’s staring you right in the face  – and a judge armed with a 12″ square ruler will readily see the tiniest error.

I pinned and unpinned and wet and re-wet and was almost in tears at one point.

I finally came up with the masking tape idea. You must first establish a perfectly square/straight edge to work from. I lay one of the laser lines along one edge of the tape and the other across the quilt.

First I measured across the middles to establish the size – which was 24″ from the outside edge of the narrow purple border. I even checked each row of blocks making sure they were straight. Finally I checked the corners with the 12″ ruler and measured across the diagonals – exactly 34″. It’s drying now.

When it’s perfectly dry I will trim and bind it. Sew on the hanging sleeve and label and start on the next one which is 36″ x 46″.