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Alabama Beauty finished!!

Alabama Beauty finished!!!

I’m calling it “Round And Round” from the Perry Como song of the same name.

I’m travelling to the US on Friday. After showing it off to the family I’ll mail the top to my quilter Margaret Gunn in Maine.

The post office here is rather unreliable and I try to finish quilts to coincide with family and friend’s trips to the US.

The fabric I had planned on using for the backing doesn’t work – so I am going to have to order another one and send it to Margaret later.


Alabama Beauty 36 blocks finished!

Alabama Beauty 36 blocks fnished!

Finally. I started this project on June 26th 2010. I made half of it and put it away for years. I just got distracted with other projects I guess – but here it is. DONE!

After agonizing over the border (which I do with every single quilt I have ever made) I decided I didn’t want a border at all. I ran the idea by my quilter Margaret Gunn and she suggested that I add at least a narrow border.

I am taking her advice – because stitching the binding to a tiny one quarter inch sliver of fabric with a zillion seams on the edges plus the thickness of two battings and a backing – would be a nightmare. All the while trying not to sew over the red butterfly points – yikes!

I originally thought of a narrow one inch inner border of a yellowy orange print – then a three inch piano keys border of the yellow and orange prints in background circles.

Yesterday I cut out all of the yellow strips. Four each of 27 prints. Auditioned them and I didn’t like it. So I am just going with the narrow one inch border – no piano keys. I will bind it in the same fabric so it will look like a wide binding rather than a real border.

Blocks 19-36 joined

Alabama Beauty second panel of 18 blocksTomorrow I stitch the 48″ center seam and the top is done!! Finally.  Then on to the borders.

Alabama Beauty blocks 19-36

blocks 19-36Done! Now to join them.

Update on Alabama Beauty progress

pointy bits unit done

I am working on the second (and last) set of 18 blocks – the first set is finished and sewn together. See it here.

I like sewing the same pieces together on all the blocks – it seems to go faster – I get into a rhythm when I do the same thing over and over.

I have finished step one – joining the 72 purple pointy bits to the 144 trumpet shapes on all of the 18 remaining blocks.

pointy bit unit + orange peel

The next step is to join the orange 72 orange peel shapes to the 72 purple pointy bit units. I’ll be back for another progress report when this step is completed.

Alabama Beauty revisited

Eighteen down and eighteen to go – The other blocks are already printed and cut out – so it’s just a matter of sewing them together. I don’t even remember why I abandoned them so long ago. This is on my list for Quiltfest Jacksonville 2014.

Alabama beauty half done

Eighteen Alabama Beauty blocks

Nine more blocks finished – now to sew them together in a group of nine.

I am very pleased with the way they are turning out. The red “butterflies” are prominent – which I had planned on – but you never know with these Kaffe fabrics – often what I have in mind doesn’t always work out. The yellow/orange print backgrounds are forming the secondary  circles quite nicely – I really wasn’t sure they would